World Refugee Day – Chobani July 16, 2018

Pokhee and No both grew up in the same refugee camp in Thailand. Many years later they bumped into each other on a soccer field in upstate NY. It was a pleasure to work with them to tell their story.

Tea Drunk March 20, 2018

Shunan Teng quit her job in finance to open a tea house in NYC – Tea Drunk. We traveled with Shunan to China to her yearly pilgrimage to search for the world’s finest tea.      

Storm Writers January 5, 2018

The Storm Lake Times is a local newspaper in Storm Lake Iowa with a circulation of around 3000 people. They made headlines this year when their editor Art Cullen won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of editorials he wrote that exposed dark money in their local court system. “We used to have clean air and clean water and honest and open government and we’re losing all that… Somebody had to say something. So we did,” Art Cullen  

The Tent Foundation January 5, 2018

The Tent Foundation is mobilizing the private sector to improve the lives & livelihoods of the more than 20 million refugees around the globe. We were honored to be able to work with this fantastic organization and tell their story.  

Chobani Food Incubator January 5, 2018

The Chobani Food Incubator helped 6 food entrepreneurs on their journey to bring better food to more people. It is a fantastic program that is trying to change the way America eats for the better. We were proud to be able to follow the program and tell their story. This is the first of 4 pieces we created.  

Building Peace Foundation March 1, 2017

Tent supports a number of organizations around the world that are committed to addressing the current refugee crisis. We travelled to Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan to capture the amazing work that the Building Peace Foundation is doing for the children who live there.

Lamar February 25, 2016

A short character portrait about Lamar Brown – Born and raised in Mississippi, now living in Harlem, New York. Cause it’s bigger than basketball when it comes to me Original Music By Adam Moses – rufusmusic.com.au

Charles April 22, 2015

A short portrait of Charles Young – an upholsterer in Alphabet City, NY. We are producing a collection of character portrait from the city which we hope to showcase in the near future. This piece was shot in 45 minutes, and edited in just under 4 hours. Thanks to Charles at CY Upholstery! Music Credit: Jason Rebello – Late Night Mellow

TJ Brown March 23, 2015

Tremaine Brown – AKA TJ Brown – is a 13 year old rapper from Harlem New York. “One day, they say – I just want to be in the hip-hop hall of fame… I just want to” Check him out here: mrtmatj.com  

The AirSticks March 18, 2015

The AirSticks are a one-of-a-kind gestural electronic drumless-kit designed by Mark Havryliv and Alon Ilsar which allow to triggering and manipulation of sounds and visuals in a 3D virtual space. “I’ve always had this idea to play drums in space…” Alon is a Sydney based musician currently working on a PhD on the future of instruments. The following piece is performed in this film: ‘Dawn’ – Silent Spring Alon Ilsar – The AirSticks Bronwyn Cumbo – Violin

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